Apr 072017

Signs of Spring, Hop Sprouts

Signs of Spring, Hop Sprouts

We’ve been experiencing a bit of an early spring and everything is blooming and sprouting.  We had a really mild winter with not much snow and that means super dry weather for summer.  Not really looking forward to that.  However I admit that I am loving all this warm weather and that we have more light in the evenings.

One of the first things to start sprouting right away in our backyard is the hops we planted last spring.  I had the chance to brew with Soul Squared Brewing last year and learned that they grow a lot hops on the farm during the spring and summer months. They had a large range of starts that I could pick from and I took some Chinook hops.

We have a section in the back of the backyard where we decided to plant them.  We had no idea if they would grow or even do much so we planted them with a wish and prayer.

To our surprise they did start to grow, hops are tenacious!

We planted them late so they didn’t do a whole lot but they were there and that was kind of awesome.  They are the first things we planted or tried to grow since living here.

This year, three of the 5 starts that we planted have returned and are growing with some force.  The first one is the strongest, as you can see in the picture.  Not sure why, if it’s placement or because it gets more light but it’s kicking butt.

The other two aren’t far behind and seem to be doing really well.

And yeah, I’m aware that the bed needs cleaned out and some soil added.  I haven’t done spring cleaning around the yard yet but don’t worry, it’s on the list to do first.

We don’t have much plans for the hops other than to grow them and have some more green in the backyard.  Maybe at some point we’ll see if we can get some more and plant in other areas of the yard but for now these little guys are just perfect.

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