Apr 192017
Master Bedroom Progress

About mid-January we realized that we had an issue in our master bedroom that was going to need addressed.  It was involved and complicated and it sucked.  We had to have a service come in and do some drywall removal, cleanup, and scrubbing the air to the bedroom.

Scott and I have never replaced drywall before so we decided that it would be best to hire out for that.  As you can see, the section that needed replaced wasn’t very large.  Initially we were going to try it ourselves, but going out and pricing materials, especially insulation (Why, oh, why isn’t there an option to buy a small amount of insulation instead of the gigantic packages it comes in?) didn’t seem as cost effective for us.

At least at the time.  Or maybe it was just because I was in a rush and wanted work to get started and finished because I wanted to be back in my bedroom.

Because we’ve currently been sleeping in the guest room on the guest bed since mid-January and y’all, I’m cranky AF about this. I want my bedroom and my bed back!

Honestly, this project probably could have been wrapped up in a week but trying to get contractors to actually do things is the struggle.  It takes weeks to schedule someone to come out for an estimate.  Then 4 days for them to provide the estimate.  Then more time as we go back and forth on what they will do and what we will do.

For example, $100 to take down and rehang two closet doors and one bedroom seems a bit excessive. We can do that.  Then once that is all settled, it takes another week to schedule someone to come in.


I was at the end of my rope and about to go ludicrous. If that is not a thing, I’m making it a thing because I was there.  Scott thankfully talked me down.

After the drywall, insulation, and baseboards were removed, we finally had someone in to patch it up.

It literally took him about an hour. He came in the next day to add texture and that also took about an hour.

So weeks of going back and forth all for two hours work.


A few days later we had some guys in to lay down new carpet padding and get the carpet back in place.

So now we will be priming and repainting the bedroom.  We still need to pick out paint colors for this room but will be sticking with blue tones.  It’s relaxing and my favorite comforter has blue in it and I’d love to match that out if possible.

I’ve been looking on Pinterest and am leaning towards something like this.

Minus the cowhide rug.  I’m just not there yet in terms of design and flair in the bedroom.

But I like the deep blue of that color on the walls.  Our bedroom is like a cave and can be really dark, which I love and is perfect for sleeping. So I don’t mind going a little darker on the walls to get that kind of blue.  Fingers crossed we can be back in our bedroom relatively soon!

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