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On Collagen and Beef Liver

On Collagen and Beef Liver

I’ve never been one to really take vitamins or anything routinely for health reasons.  I wanted to get all my nutrients from the food I eat. That’s all recently changed though because I realize that sometimes we need a boost. There are two things that I currently take on the regular, Collagen Peptides and Beef Liver Pills, both of which I order from Vital Proteins.

Collagen is easily digestible and helps keep our digestive tract healthy.  It also helps keep our joints in good shape by keeping them lubed.  Some folks even comment that it helps their nails and hair become stronger.  I will admit that those two things haven’t changed for me. I wish though, I would love stronger thicker hair!

It has helped me heal my digestive tract and keep it strong.  I’ve also noticed that I recover a lot faster from workouts and my joints don’t ache quite as much.

More info on collagen and more sciencey background –> The Paleo Mom

I mostly use the unflavored collagen peptides.  I’ve added them to smoothies but usually add a scoop to my coffee in the mornings. It blends in easy, doesn’t leave a taste or have a weird texture.  I’ve even gotten my mom to start taking some daily as well!

Vital Proteins has a variety of collagen that can be added in different ways.  They have a vanilla and coconut water version which is great for smoothies and lattes.  They have flavors specifically to give your water a boost, like melon and mint, and lavender and lemon.

They also have a Beauty Greens version which has a bunch of greens and probiotics mixed in.  And they have a whey protein powder version as well.  The chocolate flavor of that is fantastic!

I’ve also started taking the Beef Liver Pills each day.  Organ meat is packed full of good stuff for us and beef liver has the most nutrients.  Lots of protein, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin A, all of which we need.  But for me, organ meat is a little rough going.  I can do bone marrow but liver is a little too potent for me.  These pills are great! There’s no liver taste and you don’t have to worry about burping up liver later.  It’s easy to take and boost the amount of nutrients you get each day.

Both of these combined each day become a power house of nutrients that fuel your body.  If you’re looking for ways to add in some easy supplements and to boost your daily intake of nutrient dense foods, definitely give these guys a try!


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