May 192017

Spring Snow May 2017

Spring Snow May 2017

Every year we get a late May snow. Every. Year.

It typically happens around Mother’s Day and it’s pretty much expected.  There’s kind of this unspoken rule about not planting anything until after Mother’s Day. So don’t start your garden and don’t put anything new in the ground until after the last snow.

But there’s nothing that can be done about stuff that is already blooming and already is full of leaves.

This year we got hammered with snow and it’s super heavy wet snow which has caused so much damage already.  I’m a little afraid of what everything is going to look like once it starts melting.

The first branch we noticed that fell was this huge one in our front yard. We actually heard it snap and fall. It’s a very large and very big branch that broke and was covering most of the sidewalk and the front gate.  We had to go out and saw off most of it so that people could pass on the sidewalk and the mail person could get to our house.  It was sad having to cut this big branch.

This is our back walkway which leads to the backdoor.  Those are lilac bushes on the left side. They are extremely tall bushes that you can now see are almost completely flat along the ground.  Scott had already cleared those bushes of snow twice before this picture was taken. That’s how much of this heavy wet snow that we’ve been getting.

Our car is completely buried under snow and trees.  Some are fallen branches and some are sagging branches.  It’s pointless to even try and dig it out until it stops snowing.  The moment you get a bit cleared off, it’s back to being covered again.

We won’t know the full extent of damage our trees have taken until it stops snowing and starts to melt.  Currently we’ve lost one full tree, and about 10 branches.

It’s a hot mess right now and there’s been so much damage to a lot of neighborhood trees.

The dogs, thankfully, have been really great during this return of snow. They had been basking in the sun out in the backyard since March. Now we’re snowed in and getting snug.

I’ll have a full report on our cleanup efforts once we reach that point.  Hopefully soon!

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