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Jax Fish House Media Tasting

Jax Fish House Media Tasting

I was invited over to Jax Fish House for a media tasting, so I brought Scott along with me and we made a date night out of it.  We don’t go out often so this was a lovely treat mid-week!

We started off with drinks, I had a Rosé that they keep on tap (I love the idea of wine on tap!) and Scott had the Jax Moscow Mule with house infused ginger vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger beer. I believe that this mule is only available during Happy Hour as I didn’t see it on the regular drink menu.

The chef, Amy Jaqueth, came out with this beautiful starter for us.  It was house cured citrus halibut with carrot puree, shaved jalapeño, marinated tomatoes, and sunflower seed clusters. Topped with chive blossoms.  So many flavors and layers going on with this dish! The halibut was light with hints of citrus that married well with the carrot puree.  The chive blossoms had an intense chive flavor that I wasn’t expecting.  It was a nice burst of earthy oniony flavor.


Scott loves oysters and got half a dozen of the Emerson Oysters.  Jax is known for having quality oysters and a killer deal on them during HH ($1.50 a piece) but what I didn’t know is that Jax has their own speciality oysters.

The Emerson Oysters are Jax exclusive and they come off the coast of Virginia.  The restaurant partnered up with Rappahannock River Oysters to cultivate the perfect oyster providing Jax with extremely fresh oysters to its customers.  They work hard to make sure everything they do with the oysters is sustainable and ethical. Read more about the oysters here.

The oysters came with three sauces:

  • Traditional Cocktail Sauce
  • Cucumber Lemon Ginger Mignonette Sauce
  • Orange Shallot Mignonette Sauce

The cucumber lemon was a new sauce that they were trying out and it was Scott’s favorite. It had a strong cucumber flavor but paired nicely with the briny oysters.

I had a Buffalo Oyster to start. It had a cornmeal crust and was fried quickly to provide crunch but not overcook the oyster. Tossed in housemade buffalo sauce and topped with blue cheese, pickled celery, and green onion.  It was delicious and had the perfect amount of heat to the sauce.

For entrees, Scott had the grouper that came with fregola sarda, asparagus, castlevetrano olives, linguica sausage, english pea chimi churri. The grouper seemed like it had some blackening seasoning on it which provided intense flavor and there was a nice crunchy crust on the outside.  It had a mild fish flavor and a more hardy mouthfeel.  The pasta was light and provided a nice backdrop to the beefy fish.


I had the pistachio crusted halibut, roasted marble potatoes, golden beets, asparagus, spinach, grilled radishes, coconut pea puree. This dish was so heavenly and I loved that there were a variety of vegetables paired with this dish.  The halibut was delicate but the pistachios gave it wonderful texture.  The vegetables were cooked perfectly but the coconut pea puree stole the show.  It was earthy with a hint of sweetness from the coconut.  This dish is hand downs my favorite that I’ve ever had at Jax.

We opted not to get dessert because we were both extremely full from our meal.

While I knew that Jax worked hard regarding sustainable practices and always works with local producers, I learned that it goes a little beyond that.  Jax does partner up with local producers for produce and works with them throughout the year to not only support the farmers but to also provide a variety of dishes to their customers.  It’s almost like they have their own CSA with local farmers.  In a town full of restaurants who get all their food from delivery services, it’s awesome to have a place that truly works hard to partner up and support local suppliers.

Jax is also the first restaurant in Colorado to be certified by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.  They care so much about sustainability and providing a safe environment for seafood to thrive and continue to prosper.  If you want to learn more about Jax’s sustainability practices, check them out here.

This is not a review of the restaurant (I don’t do restaurant reviews), just a recap of our evening.  If you want a review of the restaurant, head over to Feasting Fort Collins, she has several articles about Jax.

Thanks to Jax and the staff for hosting us for dinner!


Disclaimer: I was invited to Jax to try out some menu items. I was not required to write about it and all opinions are my own.



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