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Supplements, Hashi’s, and The Doctor

Supplements, Hashi’s, and The Doctor

Currently trying to navigate life with Hashi’s and figure out this new way of living.  I’m doing a round of Whole30 right now but that might change a bit as I’ve just started reading Wentz’s, Hashimoto’s Protocol, all about putting Hashi’s in remission and doing it naturally with diet and supplements.

There are supplements that I need to start taking and I’m researching brands to check out.  I need to take methylcobalamin B12 and Vitamin D. Looking at a list of supplements and researching it can be a bit overwhelming.

I’m also going to start taking this Beauty Boost supplement from Vital Proteins.  I don’t care for the name but it has Biotin, Folate, Selenium, and Vit E and C in it.  All things that I need anyway.

I have been eating Brazil nuts which are high in selenium and these Beef Liver bites from Epic to help with B12.

I’m going to go into more detail about needing to supplement with B12 in another post because that one is going to be a bit longer.

If you have any suggestions for brands to check out, I’d love to hear them!

Still doing Crossfit because I love it.  It’s tough but I’m stubborn and I really don’t want to let Hashi’s slow me down any.  I need to figure out how to get control of my body back and kick Hashi’s to the curb.

The dogs are doing well.  Turns out that Avery didn’t have Lepto but Miss Penny certainly did.  She’s done with her round of antibiotics and is back to be her normal blockhead self.  Avery is just being Avery.  He wants nothing more than to nap in the sun, that’s his whole day.  I’m more than happy to let him have it.

Can we take a second to talk about the new Doctor?!  ZOMG YOU GUYS! The 13th Doctor is a woman! I suspected that might be the way things were going to go based off the most recent season finale.  I’m not going to spoil that for anyone but I will say that women were prominent and left quite the impression on 12.  It’s no wonder that he regenerates into a female.

I’m stoked and can’t wait to see where next season is going to take us.  Of course there’s a ton of vitriol hate and spew out there but it mostly makes me laugh at how people can waste time being so upset over gender.  I have to laugh at it or it will make me too sad and frustrated.

Admittedly I wasn’t a huge fan of Jodie on Broadchurch but I’m more than willing to give her a shot at being The Doctor.  There’s going to be so much newness, that I can’t help but be excited about it.

And if you need a little pick-me-up, here ya go:

YES! Credit goes to James Burnes who posted this on a Ghostbusters FB fan page.  Hat tip to Epbot for pointing it out.

Have a kickass Monday!

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