Jul 282017
Friday Funsies

(I’m going to be talking about Doctor Who and there will be spoilers. You’ve probably heard by now but if you haven’t, then you’ll want to skip this post.)

Taking a break from Hashi’s and things to talk about stuffs.  Fun stuffs and fluffy stuffs.  Part of switching over to this new space for blogging is to be able to talk about whatever the hell I want.  I hate being boxed in and only limited to certain topics.  I get it, in this world of where everyone has a website, we’re supposed to pick out a niche and stick to that. Because we want to stand out and be noticed, right?

Ugh. Whatever.

I cannot do that.  I do not like being confined like that.  I am more than just food and Hashi’s. So I’d kind of like to make this a lifestyle blog in the true sense of the word.  This is my life and how I choose to style it.

Maybe I should put this on my About page?

Anyway, let’s talk about Doctor Who because OMG.

So The Doctor is going to be a woman and it’s so exciting.  I chatted about this already over here if you want to take a peek.  The newness has died down a bit and so has the hate.  Oh it’s still there but not quite like it was.

I’m with Chris Hardwick though, if you are upset about The Doctor being a woman then you aren’t really a fan of the show.

He goes on a mini rant on his show @Midnight but he also does it during the Doctor Who panel at ComicCon and it’s kind of great.  If you haven’t watched the panel you should because it’s fun and Capaldi gives a great speech.

Although I will say, it doesn’t seem like Pearl can answer off the cuff questions very well.  Matt Lucas does a great job playing Nardole and is fabulous during this panel.  Pearl as Bill is one of my favorite companions. She was feisty, questioned The Doctor and challenged him, and she wasn’t in love with him.  It was awesome!

Have you seen the preview of the Christmas special? Because you need to!

Bill comes back! Which I’m stoked about because I’d hate for The Doctor to think that he failed her.  I mean he still did but not nearly as bad as it could have been. And yes, the BBC spoiled us on that but whatevs.  That’s what they do.

I’m excited to follow news and see who the next companion is going to be and when we can expect the newest season!

Also? I really need this cardigan from Her Universe because it’s fantastic. I also love that Her Universe offers all kinds of sizes to fit all the fangirls. +1 To them!

Speaking of new seasons and TV, Rick and Morty starts next Sunday.  YES!!!!  If you haven’t watched this show before and you love smart humor, give this a shot.  It’s on Comedy Central and it’s streaming on Hulu if you need to get caught up.  Scott stumbled upon this show when he was traveling for work and told me I had to watch it.  We watched it when he got back and I was hooked. It’s so funny and almost every episode has a little nod to previous episodes.  Seriously, get on it.

Hulu is a recent addition for us. We got it to watch Handmaid’s Tale and also Golden Girls.  But they have a pretty awesome selection of TV shows including all the seasons of SVU.

PLUS, you guys, they are going to add in old the old TGIF shows like Full House, Family Matters, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, PERFECT STRANGERS.  OMG!  I’m so excited but also super curious to visit these shows and see some serious 90s.

So yeah, if you don’t have Hulu yet, it might be worth it to give the 30day free trial a shot.

Ok guys, that’s my funsies for this week.  Have a fabulous weekend!

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