Aug 042017
Friday Funsies

Happy Friday, gang! The weekend is finally here, so have a smashing time for me, OK?  I don’t have any plans for this weekend except for work, however this should be my last weekend of night shifts for a while and I’m totally stoked about that.  That means that maybe Scott and I will get a chance to grill out as it’s been way too long since we’ve done that.

My new favorite drink that I’ve been crushing is apple juice + seltzer.  Doesn’t sound like anything fancy but tastes like a mock-cider.  When you’re not drinking and looking for something fun in the evenings, it’s heaven.

TJ’s has some cold pressed apple juice and I also found some fresh apple juice at Costco as well.  Plus I can add all kinds of stuff to it, like fresh lime juice or frozen berries.

Here’s some fun stuff I came across this week and yes there’s going to be some Doctor Who stuff included.  Sorry not sorry.

If you dig on makeup, Beautycounter just released this fabbo new palette inspired by the Pacific Coast.  It’s got blues and bronze tones in it.  It’s ridiculously pretty!  It does sort of have an 80s vibe to it but in a classy way and not in a LIKE GAG ME WITH A SPOON way.

Don’t be afraid of blue eye shadow!  But if you’re skeered, here’s some tips and tricks so you don’t end up looking like an extra from Glow.

Also this will sell out fast because people love their Beautycounter palettes so if you like it, jump on it!

Nom Nom Paleo has a brand new cookbook out and it’s stunning.  I’ll do more of a review on it later but first glance has me drooling.

Her Universe is having a summer sale and I just snagged some new Doctor Who shirts.  I am in love with this retro one.

(Photo Image from Her Universe)

I ordered that one and another tee-shirt.  Buttttttt they also have a cardigan on sale for $15 and that’s kind of a steal. I might have to add that to my collection as well.  Hrmmmm

I have some chores and errands to get done before heading to work so I need to get moving.  Have a fabulous weekend!


Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links. This doesn’t change the cost for you but helps me with my Doctor Who problem and also helps keep this little site running. <3

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