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Hashi’s Update and Moving Forward

Hashi’s Update and Moving Forward

I went to a new doctor last week. She works in a “functional medicine” practice here in town. I specifically sought out a doctor with more functional med leanings and had heard good things about this place. I took in my most recent labs and was hoping to have a full in-depth chat about what’s going on and what I can do to try and reverse it.

That did not happen.  Like, not even a little bit.

First the doctor was late and you know, I actually understand that. Sometimes patients come in and talk longer or need more attention than what the doctor knew.  That’s OK.  I expected the same treatment and since this was my first visit, I expected it to take a while.

Well, my expectations where shot down.  The doctor was an hour late and then she proceeded to only spend 20 minutes with me.

She kept saying, “I don’t know what you expect from me.  Why are you here?”

I was there because I wanted more insight into my labs.  I was there because I wanted to connect with a doctor and create a plan for reversing my hashi’s.  I was there because I wanted some answers about the stubborn weight that won’t budge and why my hair is falling out.

I did not get any answers, suggestions, or help.

She did write a prescription for thyroid meds (Nature Throid) and did agree to schedule to get more labs done and that was about it.

She asked me if I was on a special diet and when I said Paleo, her response was, “So you basically eat meat?”

Um, no. Not at all.

“Well at least you didn’t say Keto.”

WOW. Seriously?!  I mean, Keto has been shown to help a lot of people, most especially those having issues with dementia and alzheimer’s.  Has also helped a lot of people with autoimmune conditions. So let’s just stop with the hate.

She then proceeded to tell me that I need to become a vegetarian and that beans are nature’s perfect food and I need to be eating lots of them.  She implied that the reason I’m not losing weight is due to my diet (of real whole foods) and not because of this disease.

Mmmkay, lady.

When I explained that Paleo makes me feel my best and eating grains and legumes causes my joints to ache, she rolled her eyes and said, “Sure, OK.”

She could not understand why I was taking gelatin, collagen, and liver pills as part of my supplement routine and asked if I was seeing a chiropractor or something.  I tried to explain that it was for joint health along with digestive health to address leaky gut, she just snorted and dismissed me.

So, yeah, we did not get along.  Not at all.

I took the Nature Throid for one day and it made me feel like I had the worst hangover along with getting run over by a truck.  Twice.  It was horrible.  I was nauseous, irritable, and so so tired.  Dude, feeling worse on pills verses now is not how I want things to go.


Because of this, I have come up with my own plan of action for the time being.

I have decided to cancel my lab appointment and to not take the meds.  Even getting labs done through her office, I don’t imagine she’s going to give me much information or insight.  I’d rather wait till I find a more competent doctor, one who is on the same page as me, and get labs done through them.

Which brings up my second action step, find another doctor.  There are functional med doctors in town but most of them don’t take insurance.  I’m guessing that this might be the path I need to go down.

And third, my diet is going to be strict Paleo along with following my supplement routine.  I want to see if this has any impact on my labs.

Lastly, be sure to get plenty of sleep.  I had been doing really well but the past few weeks, I’ve had nights where I was up past 10 and that’s just not good for me.  I need to be asleep by 9, 9:30 at the latest in order to feel my best.

That’s where I’m at right now.  If you’re local and have a doctor that you love, please share!  I’m doing all the research that I can because I hate doctor hopping.  I really want to find a doctor that understands Hashi’s and all that goes with it.

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Andie lives in Idaho with her husband and dog (a sweet pittie girl). She's training to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a focus on womens' health and autoimmune conditions.  By focusing on whole foods and being active, her goal is to heal her body and to create a healthy work/home/life balance.

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