Sep 272017

New Range and Microwave Are Installed

New Range and Microwave Are Installed

(Heads up, this is not a How-To, instruction article on installing a new range and microwave. It’s a recap of receiving one.)

We are back to having a working range and a brand new microwave!  Hooray!

So to backtrack a little bit, the range and microwave that came with the house when we purchased it were old AF.  In fact, the microwave didn’t even work.

Yes, that means for 4+ years we’ve lived with a non-working microwave over the stove.  Why?

  1. We can be lazy about home things.
  2. We weren’t sure if we wanted to replace it or maybe put up shelves. So we decided to do nothing.

It wasn’t really a big deal to not have a microwave.  Stuff either got reheated in the toaster oven or on the stove.

The range was on it’s last legs.  The oven barely got to temp and it made so much noise when it was in use.  It’s a gas oven as well which already means it’s not that great at heating so it had a lot of issues.

I was hesitant to replace the range because I really didn’t want to buy something new for a kitchen I wasn’t really fond of to begin with (OK, I full on hate my kitchen but that’s another story.).  If I was going to purchase a new range, it was going to be professional grade in a revamped kitchen.

Well that never happened.

After some much needed heart-to-heart discussions about our house, Scott and I decided to do some things that need done while also sprucing the place up a bit.

First on the list was getting a new range and microwave.  It was Labor Day weekend and we knew there’d be some sales going on.

(Yes, those are dirty dishes waiting to be washed. Welcome to real life.)

Both appliances are Frigidaire and in stainless steel.

The microwave can be found here and the range can be found here.

We purchased both from Lowe’s online and scheduled for delivery.  It took about a week for the products to come in and arrive at our house.  We didn’t have Lowe’s install them because the price for that was crazy expensive and these are pretty easy for us to install (foreshadowing).  However, we did have Lowe’s haul away the old appliances.

We picked stainless steel because that’s what everyone wants and it would match the other appliances in the kitchen.

Both appliances are gorgeous!

They arrived on a Friday and we didn’t have them installed and working until Sunday evening.  UGH. Major props to my husband who did this himself and handled it so well.  I helped some but I was at work most of the time he was dealing with the install.

The details of the whys and whats are boring but in the end, everything turned out alright.  The appliances work like a charm and holy wow am I stoked to have a microwave again.  It is mighty handy to be able to heat things up quickly without having to dirty more pans.

The oven is amazing!  The burners have a bit more BTU behind them and the large grates are much better for cooking because everything is flat and stays put.

No, it’s not a professional grade range but it’s so much better than what we previously had.  The oven is so quiet that sometimes I have to double check to make sure it’s working.  I’m so happy that we decided to get new appliances instead of “waiting until”.

I’m kinda done playing the waiting game y’all.  One thing I’ve learned so far from having Hashimoto’s is that everything is right now.  This minute.  Now.  Your journey is now. Don’t wait for XYZ, if you want something or want to do something, do it.

Now I’ve got shiny new appliances that work perfectly and that in turn helps me be a little less stressed in the kitchen.

Win win!

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