Oct 202017
Friday Funsies

Hey hey!  How have you been this week?  I came down with a wee cold that left me needing to hit the couch for some down time.  Scott had it first and I tried so hard not to get it as well but that didn’t happen. Womp womp.  I missed some workouts this week too and somehow I feel worse today than when it first started. Insert annoyed face.

To catch up, my recent blood results have come in and so I have an appointment with the doctor next week.  Still waiting on my hormone results to come in.  I’m kind of annoyed at myself because with the blood tests, I forgot to ask about getting checked for the MTHFR gene.  I really wanted to know if I have that!  If you’re curious about that gene, The Paleo Mom has done a great job discussing it!  I’ll ask about it in six months for the next check up I guess.

OK, let’s talk about fun things.

GUYS! Martha and Snoop is back for a second season and holy wow the first show was awesome!  Seriously, if y’all aren’t watching this show you need to get on it stat!


Have you read this article about La Croix?  It’s hilarious and also speaks to my soul.

RX Bar is having a sale on their Pumpkin Spice bars right now! 20% through Sunday, so snag some up. Seriously, I just bought three boxes and I’m thinking about getting some more.  You know those junky Little Debbie pumpkin snack cakes that look like a weird jack-o-lantern?  Yeah, these RX bars taste just like that! They are by far my favorite RX Bar flavor.  And yes I know RX Bar recently sold to Kellogg but I’m willing to still give them a chance.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Hashi’s Summit! It’s totally free and starts next month.

Thanks to my friend, Jamie, I learned about this lovely site, The Healthful Pursuit, that is all about keto living.  And now I’m diving down the keto rabbit hole to learn all about it.

Have a great weekend!  I’m off to plop down on the couch with some tissues and blanket.

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