Jan 192018
Busting 5 Keto Myths

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There are a lot of stereotypes and some misconceptions about keto floating around the web.  I know that I fell victim to believing a few of these and it’s initially what turned me off from trying the lifestyle.

Today I want to bust through some of these myths to show that keto is actually an adaptable and accessible lifestyle.

1. Keto is only for meatheads and powerlifters.

While keto definitely became popular with those looking for weightlifting gainz in the gym, it’s a lifestyle that has many benefits for a wide range of people.  Keto has been shown to help with hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, PCOS, controlling seizures, autoimmune conditions and with neurological conditions.  It’s also helped with insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes.

Food is medicine and if you’re currently dealing with a health issue, keto might be able to help you with that.  Yeah it can still help you chase those gainz (I totally am!) but it can also better your health which is much more important.

2. You don’t eat any veggies on keto.

There are some people who keep their carb amount very very low, like 20g per day.  There are some who experiment with zero carb eating only fat and protein.  These are all extremes but not required. Keto meals can be loaded down with veggies!  I love veggies and have them with each meal.  It helps me feel satisfied and also helps keep things moving along. I feel my best when I eat veggies.  I just stick with low carb veggies unless I’m doing a carb boost day.  There’s no reason at all why you can’t have veggies with a keto lifestyle.  Don’t let some of the recipes and meal plans with minimal veggies push you away.  Embrace those veggies!

3. Keto isn’t sustainable.

This is a big one!  There are a lot of people who feel that keto is a short term thing only used to help morbidly obese people to lose some weight or those lifters at the gym.  This is not true! Referring back to myth #1, keto is a lifestyle that can help and benefit so many people.  And it is sustainable!  Keto is a diet full of healthy fats, quality protein, and veggies.  There’s no reason why this can’t be sustainable. If you’re not used to eating a whole foods based diet, yeah, this is going to take some getting used to and an adjustment.  But that’s par for the course with any lifestyle change.  You can do keto for as long as you want.

4. You have to eat dairy on keto.

A lot of keto recipes are dairy heavy.  Like cheese cooked on top of cheese, kind of heavy.  But you don’t need to eat a ton of dairy to go keto.  You don’t even have to eat any dairy if you don’t want to!  For those suffering from autoimmune conditions or hormone imbalances, dairy doesn’t always play nice and it’s a lot easier on your body if you avoid it.  There are plenty of other ways to get fat into your diet without needing to rely on dairy. Don’t worry, you won’t need to start chugging heavy cream and eating all the cheese.

5. You can’t have more than 20g of carbs on Keto.

There are those that fall into the total carb camp and those that follow net carb (Total Carb – Fiber = Net Carbs).  There are those that feel that if you are eating more than 20g of carbs, either total or net, that you aren’t doing keto and aren’t in ketosis.  This is not true.  You can eat a higher amount of carbs and still be in nutritional ketosis.  As women, we tend to need higher carb amounts because of the complex nature of our bodies.  And that’s OK.  We’re still doing keto and can be in ketosis even if our carb amount is higher.  You’ll know what feels right for you when you start the lifestyle and play around with your meals.  I tend to do better in the 30-40g of carb ranges. Sometimes I go a bit higher if I’m doing a carb boost day.  Still in ketosis and reaping the benefits of the lifestyle even with higher carbs.


Hopefully this helps ease some of your concerns about the keto lifestyle.  Keto is adaptable and adjustable. You can totally make keto your own! If you have any questions or need some clarification please don’t hesitate to reach out!  We can chat a little bit more about keto and if it might be a right fit for you.

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Andie lives in Idaho with her husband and dog (a sweet pittie girl). She's training to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a focus on womens' health and autoimmune conditions.  By focusing on whole foods and being active, her goal is to heal her body and to create a healthy work/home/life balance.

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