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On Nose Rings and Body Image

On Nose Rings and Body Image

I recently discovered that a common thing for women to do once they turn 40 is to get their nose pierced.

Count me in that group!  I recently got my nose pieced and I’m officially in my 40s.  Guilty!

But for me it is not about marking a new time in my life and instead, is something completely different.

I’ve wanted my nose pierced for years but it took me that long to take the plunge.  I kept coming up with excuses on why I couldn’t make it to the shop.

Finally at the beginning of January I just went and did it. No more excuses.  After a chiro appointment, I went got my nose pierced.  It’s such a common thing that most places around town (Fort Collins, at the time I had this done) accept walk-ins.

In all honesty, I was totally unprepared for the piercing!  Nose piercings are so common now that I assumed they would have invented some sort of tool, like the guns they use for ears, to make the piercing quick and easy.

Nope, it’s done old school with a guide and a big needle.  It hurt like hell and my eyes watered up immediately.  It didn’t take long but I think the piercer was a little annoyed with me as she handed me a tissue to dab my eyes.  I can’t be the first person who got watery eyes!

I got a flower stud with purple petals.

But anyhoo, the whole reason I got my nose pierced is because I hate my nose.

Yes, it’s true.  I’m super self-conscious about my nose.  It’s large and has a big bump in the middle.  I also have a large forehead and so my profile is a little wonky.  At least to me. This is how I see myself.

We all have body insecurities and skewed images of ourselves.  (If you do not then wow, how did you get there?!)

A lot of mine happens to be with my face and most of that is centered around my nose.

The funny thing is that I never thought twice about my nose until I was a freshman in high school and some horrible people started making fun of me and my nose.


And of course I took it to heart and was like, “Oh shit, maybe there is something wrong with my nose.”

I’ve been trying to hide my nose ever since.

(Ridiculous side note, one of the guys that made fun of me, a few years later when we were seniors, started asking me out. A lot. I always turned him down.  Because, duh, he made fun of how I looked just a few years prior.  Why would I date him?! He never understood that.)

This year I’ve decided that I’m done hiding.  I’ve been hiding my nose for a long time.  I’ve been hiding myself ever since we moved to Fort Collins.

Weight gain can do a number on your self-confidence and self-esteem. Especially when that weight gain is out of your control and it doesn’t want to go away. Fort Collins is full of very fit people and when you’re chunky (I refuse to say “not fit” because I workout and lift.) you can feel pretty left out and invisible.

Plus I didn’t like who I became.  My personality is still the same though I’d wager a bet and say that I’m a bit more acerbic. But I’m still trying to hide myself.

Y’all I am done hiding.  Part of that includes my nose piercing and learning to love my nose.  It’s my way of saying that this is what I want and yeah my nose might be on the bigger side but so what. Piercings aren’t just reserved for those with tiny button noses. Screw that!  I wanted my nose pierced and made it happen.

I should haven’t have to feel like this is something I can’t have because of the way that I look.  I’m done with that bullshit.

It’s time to fully embrace ME and everything that I am right now.


(This post is part of my Vulnerable series. You can check that out here.)


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Andie lives in Idaho with her husband and dog (a sweet pittie girl). She's training to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a focus on womens' health and autoimmune conditions.  By focusing on whole foods and being active, her goal is to heal her body and to create a healthy work/home/life balance.

Reader Comments

  1. OMG! Your nose is cute. Good for you for embracing who you are. My nose (looks Jewish but I am not and with the curly hair!!). Your skin looks really good so you do no make up really well.
    As I enter being 50 – how the hell did I get here. My mom has been dead as many years as I had her. That is a sad milestone. I finally found what love is (and learned what it is NOT). I found someone who actually loves me and likes me. And the cool part is I like him too. Boy that has been a long painful journey. I finally figured out that I am an odd person. I am not and will not ever be a cool kid. That was hard to face. I wanted to be in the in crowd but that is not who I am. I need to embrace my odd self and say that is okay. My husband is my best friend and I have friends that like me and they know I am odd and still like me.
    My OCD and anxiety are at an all time low. Yea me.
    As always I need to exercise more and eat better. But at least I am aware of it. I have already done 1 5k this year and I am signed up for 2 more. Every step counts.
    My career is at a good place and I earned that. Hard work by me got me there and I am proud of me for that.
    I need to continue to work on myself and be a better version (I need to be more patient, kind, humble, loving). I need to love myself more but at least I don’t hate myself anymore.
    I appreciate you sticking beside me as a friend for a lot of years. You watched a lot of versions of me. Thanks for not giving up on me. Thanks for taking my call on a really bad day (the day before Anna died). Thanks for encouraging me. BTW I still cannot cook a baked potato – but I keep trying.
    I can’t wait to see what the new year and new move have in store for you, Scott and those punk dogs!!

    1. Oh Monica, thank you so much! I appreciate all the kind and thoughtful words in your comment. 🙂 I think we’re all trying to work towards a better life and a better self. But dang, it does take a long time!

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