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Is Your Story Keeping You Stuck?

Standing on a cliffWhen we’re dealing with autoimmune issues or chronic symptoms we start to tell ourselves stories that keep us stuck in place. Does any of this sound familiar……

? This is my life now, I’ll never get better.

? I’ll always be dealing with this issue.

? Going to the doctor is too expensive.

? No one has any answers anyway.

? I’ll always be in pain.

? I can’t eat well because I can’t afford it.

? Taking care of myself is too much work so I’m going to wait and see if I can find the right medicine aka “magic pill” that’s going to handle this issue for me.

? I don’t have time to deal with this.

There’s A LOT of stories that we tell ourselves to keep us stuck in this victim mindset. This is our ego talking to us because change makes us uncomfortable and being uncomfortable is scary. So instead we play the victim, woe is me, my circumstances will never change, and keep on doing the same thing over and over again. This doesn’t help.

My recent bladder flare up set me waaaaayyyy back on my mindset journey, I’m not going to lie. It’s been hard. But I realize that it won’t get me anywhere and this flare caused me to finally bite the bullet and make an appointment with a naturopath.

I had been dragging my feet on that hardcore because I’ve been through a lot of practitioners and have yet to have a good experience. Like, A LOT. But nothing changes if nothing changes, right? I have to keep going because I owe it to myself to take care of myself. I am important and I need to treat myself like I matter. And you know what? The new practitioner I saw was awesome. She listened to me and is willing to work with me to really dig deep and find out what’s going on.  Had this flare up not happened, I’d still be dragging my feet on making that appointment.

Take your story and really dig into it and find out what the real reason is that you’re aren’t taking action. What is your Ego scared of? For example:

I can’t eat well because I can’t afford it. Can you really not afford it or find a way to do the best you can? OR is it because you don’t want to put yourself first and take care of yourself because you have a story about that being selfish?

Journaling is amazing for this and lets us really dive into the stories we tell ourselves. You can say anything you want in a journal because it’s literally your space to get out all your thoughts and explore them and take an intense look. And I know that might seem scary but would you rather be walking towards getting better or stay stuck playing the victim of your life?

What’s your story?

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