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Episode 007: Introduction To Symptom Mapping

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In This Episode

Your introduction into Symptom Mapping! This is a term I coined as I started tracking my symptoms and learning how to connect the dots and see patterns. It became the number 1 tool I needed to better understand my symptoms and how to manage them. This is what allowed me to regain my life back and allowed me to feel more in control of my situation.

I share how I got started and why along with some proof of concept. I also provide you with some things that you can start tracking right away to get your started. You can always keep adding to it the more comfortable you get with this and the more it becomes a habit. It’s easy to get overwhelmed! So start off slowly with just a few things.

Key Takeaways

What Symptom Mapping is, a way to track your symptoms so that you can start to see connections, patterns, and triggers. And ways that you can get started tracking to create the habit without feeling overwhelmed by the task.



Andrea is a holistic nutritionist living in Colorado with her husband and their pittie. She helps fellow midlife women nourish themselves and create their Radiant Life.

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