Apr 232021

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In This Episode:

Ever find yourself in a situation that leaves you feeling some kind of way? And you start to talk super negatively to yourself, shaming and blaming all day long? It can be so hard to get ourselves out of that situation. I totally play the shame and blame game. Recently I found myself dealing with food poisoning and then a flare up that followed. I shamed and blamed myself for days. I had to work hard to climb out of that spiral.
I talk about how I reframed the situation and lessons I learned from it. I also share some ways you can do that as well the next time you are in that shame and blame spiral.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding what Reframing is and how that is not the same as toxic positivity. And ways that you can start applying this the next time you find yourself in that spiral. And how to find the lessons and takeaways from any situation we find ourselves in.

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