Aug 052021

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In this Episode

Let’s smash some myth’s around symptoms! Just what is a symptom? When someone talks about “their symptoms” what do they mean? There are so many misconceptions around symptoms that we need to talk about them and explain why they are inaccurate.

In this episode I talk about three common myths around symptoms, explain why they aren’t correct, and what it’s actually like.

Key Takeaways

The take away from this episode is to know over all what symptoms actually are, which is something that we experience that is undesirable. And to understand there’s some myths around symptoms that we need to explore and then smash.

Your takeway is to take stock of how YOU are feeling. Is there something you deal with frequency or on a daily basis that is in fact a symptom that you are ignoring or doesn’t even register on your radar?  If so, then it’s time to start tracking that stuff!

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