Aug 062021
Episode 011: Why You Should Be Symptom Mapping

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In This Episode:

I talk about what Symptom Mapping is and why you need to be doing this, like today. If you’re wondering how to learn to manage and understand your symptoms, Symptom Mapping is your answer. Symptom mapping is so important because it connects us back to our bodies and our intuition. It’s going to help you learn what your triggers are and get you on your way of creating your own personal protocol. I also talked about this in Episode 7 as well, I highly encourage you to check that out.

Key Takeaways:

So your takeaway this week is understanding why Symptom Mapping is so important and how it can dramatically help your situation. And your Take-Home this week is to get started. Today. Right now. Take note somewhere about how you’re feeling.  Start writing all of this down. Refer back to episode 7 for some places to start.

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