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Enneagram Types and Habit Change

Living Radiantly Podcast Episode with Angie Meyer
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This week I’m chatting with Angie Meyer, Enneagram Coach, to talk about how each Enneagram Type approaches habit change. This episode is jam packed with so much information! If you’re new to Enneagram, Angie briefly explains each type so that you can get an idea of those personalities and see which one resonates with you.  Then we dive into the best way for each type to approach habit change and what is going to make them successful.

Angie Meyer is an eneagram coach helping you answer that burning question, Why Am I This Way? She’ll help you discover your true type along with uncovering your authentic powers and mapping out your growth path. Angie is a Type 5 and is ready to help you discover your authentic self.

Key Takeaways

“Everyone benefits from having a coach or a community especially when making habit changes.”

“Accountability is a huge part of all of the nine personality types and every single person needs that.”

“If people are trying to create change, the throw lines for all the nine types, it’s gonna feel a little uncomfortable. A community, a coach, or a trusted friend is gonna help you get through it in creating a system.” (Throw Lines are like your decision making skills and process.)

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To get you started, you can also grab this guide to learn more about your core motivations!

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