Cultivating A Healthy Life and a Happy Home



Hello!  If you came over from Food Embrace (My previous home for almost 10 years), welcome to my new space!  

My name is Andie and I live in Colorado (which will be changing soon!) with my husband, Scott, and our two punk dogs, Avery (the boxer) and Penny (the pitbull). I used to work in the Craft Beer industry and Scott does webby codey things in exchange for money.

I’m currently dealing with some health issues that I’m looking to eliminate and get myself back on track.

Long story short, in 2017 I had a rough year. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, Adrenal Fatigue, Leaky Gut, and beginning stages of Celiac.  I also have hormone imbalance and suspect either PCOS or a version of it.

Yeah. It’s a lot but I’m working towards figuring all this out, doing what needs to be done while still living life, and getting myself healthy again.

But this space isn’t just about all that junk.  There’s fun stuff to be had as well!

Basically my husband and I are firmly now in our 40s (When did that happen?! Dang.) and had an OH SHIT moment. Mine was more of an outburst while his was more of a subdued statement. We’ve been having a lot of heart to heart talks lately about life, what we want to do, and ideally how we’d like to be living.

We realized that we really needed to start making a life and a home where we are thriving.

This space is going to be about that process and journey.

This blog is all about creating the life that we want.

It’s about living a healthy lifestyle and all that goes with it.

It’s about finding the perfect house and making it a home.

Mostly this space is all about curating a healthy life and a happy home, figuring out what that balance is.

It’s not just about Scott and I creating a radiant life but it’s about all of us working towards creating Our Radiant Life.

I’m not sure if Lifestyle Blog is the right term for this space but I’m going to roll with it for now.

So welcome! Grab a beverage and settle in because this could be awesome or it could be a train wreck. Let’s find out together!

PS: I swear, some would say a lot, I say “a lot” is subjective.  But it will be there tucked into posts, I’m forewarning you now.