Jan 192018

Busting 5 Keto Myths

(Yup, this is my picture.) There are a lot of stereotypes and some misconceptions about keto floating around the web.  I know that I fell victim to believing a few of these and it’s initially…Continue Reading

Jan 172018

My Version of Keto

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was hesitant to try keto because I wasn’t too thrilled with the info I found online about it.  It was super dairy heavy and there was so…Continue Reading

Oct 042017

Breaking Up With ButcherBox

I was first introduced to ButcherBox earlier this year when I was sent a box for review. It’s on my previous blog and you can read about it here (and get a recipe!).  I loved…Continue Reading

Sep 132017

Freezing Gravy

We eat a roast chicken just about every week.  One chicken provides two meals for two people plus leftovers to be used in lunches or as part of other meals. Plus, if I roast the…Continue Reading

Aug 092017

Grainless Granola

One of my favorite breakfasts was granola and yogurt.  I used to eat that every morning for years. Sadly I can’t have dairy or oatmeal any longer since they trigger my Hashi’s symptoms, so I…Continue Reading

Aug 022017

July Whole30 Review

I started a new round of Whole30 last month.  Kind of to cleanse my system and because I had suspected that I was going to get news that I have an autoimmune disorder.  Spoilers: Yes…Continue Reading

Jul 102017

Whole30 Lifestyle

I have done the Whole30 challenge twice before, this week kicks off my third round of doing it.  This past January was the most recent. (You can see a review here on my previous blog)…Continue Reading

Jun 212017

Roasted Hatch Green Chile Dip

Summer is upon us and that means we’re going to be seeing some hatch chiles at the Farmer’s Markets soon.  I love these chiles, having been introduced to them when we moved west.  They are…Continue Reading

Jun 082017

Apple and Jicama Slaw

Warmer weather is finally here to stay.  At least for a bit, there’s no snow in the immediate forecast and I’m loving it.  I admit that while Fall is my favorite season, I love summer in…Continue Reading