Feb 192018

Prepping For Our Move To Idaho

Scott and I have moved around a lot and consider ourselves to be pretty seasoned movers.  Our biggest move so far was when we moved from Ohio to Colorado.  We had been planning that for…Continue Reading

May 192017

Spring Snow May 2017

Every year we get a late May snow. Every. Year. It typically happens around Mother’s Day and it’s pretty much expected.  There’s kind of this unspoken rule about not planting anything until after Mother’s Day.…Continue Reading

Apr 192017

Master Bedroom Progress

About mid-January we realized that we had an issue in our master bedroom that was going to need addressed.  It was involved and complicated and it sucked.  We had to have a service come in…Continue Reading

Apr 072017

Signs of Spring, Hop Sprouts

We’ve been experiencing a bit of an early spring and everything is blooming and sprouting.  We had a really mild winter with not much snow and that means super dry weather for summer.  Not really…Continue Reading