Feb 192018

Prepping For Our Move To Idaho

Scott and I have moved around a lot and consider ourselves to be pretty seasoned movers.  Our biggest move so far was when we moved from Ohio to Colorado.  We had been planning that for…Continue Reading

Feb 012018

Time For A Change

Scott and I had a huge heartfelt talk the other day about our life and where we see ourselves in a year and what we want to do about that. We realized it was time…Continue Reading

Oct 022017

New Doctor Visit

Hey all!  So last Friday I had an appointment with a new functional doctor and it went really well!  I wasn’t blown off and she listened to everything that I had to say. After I…Continue Reading

Sep 182017

Exciting Week Ahead

Hey all!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was a’ight.  I haven’t been sleeping well because it’s almost time for my cycle (good times) and Saturday night was the worst.  Sunday I had a horrible Hashi’s…Continue Reading

Sep 112017

Coffee Talk

Hey all!  Let’s catch up and chat for a minute! On Friday, I went to see my hairstylist to discuss short hair options.  We chatted and looked at pictures for a few minutes along with…Continue Reading

Sep 052017

Hashi’s Update and Moving Forward

I went to a new doctor last week. She works in a “functional medicine” practice here in town. I specifically sought out a doctor with more functional med leanings and had heard good things about…Continue Reading

Jul 252017

Do You Know Where I live

I work in Old Town and I love my job but I do have a lot of odd interactions.  Ok, odd isn’t the right word.  Let’s call them interesting interactions.  Like the person who pays…Continue Reading

Jun 162017

Life Currently

Unfortunately life over here has been pretty stressful, hence the radio silence for a bit.  We’ve been dealing with THINGS which has caused me to want to curl up on the couch and not do anything.…Continue Reading