If you're ready to go from fatigued and frustrated to energized and empowered, you're in the right spot.

Peri-menopause and menopause can come at us fast leaving us with all these symptoms we don't know what to do with. Maybe your doctor brushed you off or told you that you're too young. If you're ready to embrace this next stage of life and learn how to live at your fullest, let's talk!

Our Radiant Life

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your mood swings are INTENSE leaving you feeling out of control.

Workouts are a struggle and leave you sore and depleated.

Weight gain, fatigue, and low libido leave you feeling MEH about life. 

Our Radiant Life
Hello There, I'm Andrea

And there were days when all I wanted to do was hide.

My moods were bonkers and unpredictable. I found my husband to be so so annoying. Weight was piling on and I had an increase in symptoms that left me baffled and confused. Eventually I realized that I was in peri-menopause, something no one prepared me for, and I decided to learn as much as I could and take action.

Here's how we work together

1:1 Wellness coaching

You’ve hit midlife and you want to focus on your health and wellness so you can stay independent and strong.

But you’re struggling because you have symptoms that are interfering with the life you want to live.

Welcome to the place where peri-menopause women find balance again!

By working together, I support you with your wellness goals and also help you reduce the impact of  your symptoms. 

Our Radiant Life

Ready to do the thing?


Answer a few quick questions so I can learn more about you.


We hop on a quick call so we can connect and chat about your experience.


We create a wellness plan together that addresses your symptoms and helps you live the life you desire.

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