Hey Gen Xer,

It’s time to eat abundantly again without all those frustrating food restrictions.

No more diets. No more ignoring hunger. No more small portions. Yes it’s possible!

If you’re not eating the foods you really want to eat, we need to talk.

You want to eat freely again.

You want to feel energized again.

You want to be able to eat what you want without worrying about calories and macros.

And let’s be honest, you just want some potatoes again.

But so far everything you’ve tried has left you frustrated and hangry. You’re ready for a better way – a way that actually works.

That’s where I come in. 


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Our Radiant Life
Well Hello There

I'm Andrea!

I’m Andrea, and I truly believe that we can get past diet culture tactics and eat in a way that feels more aligned with our lifestyle and our health goals.

I too fell into the trap of believing online wellness influencers. It landed me with a ton of extra weight, terrible fatigue, and brain fog so bad that I couldn’t do anything past 2pm each day, all because

I stopped eating in a way that made my body feel amazing. I started restricting foods, adding butter to my coffee, and fasting each morning under the banner of “getting healthy”. Instead it made me almost bedridden, made my autoimmune condition worse, and left me in a terrible anxiety and depression cycle.

Now I help others ditch diet culture, stop counting and weighing everything, and learn how to enjoy food again through a plant-based approach.

You Don't Have To Figure Out Your Nutrition Alone


Focusing on abundance by adding more veggies to your meals.


Meal planning and prepping that works with your lifestyle and routine.


Listening to your body, eating nourishing foods, and feeling full and satisfied.

Kind Words from Clients.