Jan 282019

Dexa Scan Body Composition

Dexa Scan reached out to me about their Body Composition Scan. They covered the cost of the scan in exchange for a review on the blog. I jumped at the chance to get this done…Continue Reading

Jan 082019

Landed In Idaho

Hey gang! It’s been a while, right? My intention was not to be gone this long from blogging but life had different ideas.  Y’all we are in Idaho!  It happened! We made it! Oh don’t…Continue Reading

Feb 282018

Adrenals Got Me Down

I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue in October of 2017 though I’m positive that they were an issue for me for much longer. I had my suspicions that my adrenals were toast so the results…Continue Reading

Feb 192018

Prepping For Our Move To Idaho

Scott and I have moved around a lot and consider ourselves to be pretty seasoned movers.  Our biggest move so far was when we moved from Ohio to Colorado.  We had been planning that for…Continue Reading

Feb 072018

On Nose Rings and Body Image

I recently discovered that a common thing for women to do once they turn 40 is to get their nose pierced. Count me in that group!  I recently got my nose pieced and I’m officially…Continue Reading

Feb 052018

2018 Word Of The Year

How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions and when people do words or phrases of the year?  I do both of these things and really enjoy them. I make resolutions and goals that I…Continue Reading

Feb 012018

Time For A Change

Scott and I had a huge heartfelt talk the other day about our life and where we see ourselves in a year and what we want to do about that. We realized it was time…Continue Reading

Jan 192018

Busting 5 Keto Myths

(Yup, this is my picture.) There are a lot of stereotypes and some misconceptions about keto floating around the web.  I know that I fell victim to believing a few of these and it’s initially…Continue Reading