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Amazon Prime Day Favorites

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Welcome to Amazon Prime Day!

I have linked a few of my favorite products below. They run from kitchen, to pets, and self-care.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your self-care routine, be more organized, upgrade your cookware, or explore some stuff for your favorite doggie, I’ve got you covered.

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Kitchen and Home

I use the Instant Pot several times a week when cooking and meal prepping. It is hands down my favorite kitchen appliance.

It makes quick work of cooking beans, grains, and making your own broth.

If you eat meat, you can make shredded pork, chicken, and even ribs in here quickly and easily.

I use this for everything! I even make soups with it and for all the grains like rice, quinoa, and oats!

I recently started using pot holders that have a silicone backing and these are the best things! I’m actually going to grab some more because I love them so much.

They are flexible and and you cannot feel heat through them. I also use them as a pad to put hot pots on pans on when I need to remove them from the stove.

Food Storage Lid Organizer! Y’all how annoying are the lids to storage containers?! They are the bane of my existence. I’m always trying to find the one that I need and have to go through all the lids because of course it’s on the bottom.

Not anymore! This thing wrangles them all in place and keeps them organized by size and shape.

For The Doggos

Elevated Food Bowls that won’t break the budget! I have been looking for raised food bowl stands for ages. Most were coming in at over $100 for something extremely basic.

Finally I found these bamboo raised feeders that look nice, are easy to put together, and are under (way under!) that $100 mark.

Natural Dog Company has amazing products, everything from supplements to balms.

Since Penny is a pittie, she’s prone to allergies and skin reactions. This bundle has everything you need to help your dog’s skin and coat.

Short haired dogs still shed but it can be really hard to find a brush that works. Removing all that loose hair can be tricky.

The best thing I’ve found for that is these gloves. Just give your dog some loving pets and scritches and watch all the hair come with it. Easiest way to brush short haired dogs!

Learn how to have
Radiant Skin!

We all want glowing skin, especially now in our 40s! This guide helps you understand the steps to a skincare routine and how to find products that work for you.

Learn How To Create A Radiant Skincare Routine

Healthy Lifestyle

Complement makes one of the best plant based protein powders on the market. It is packed with nutrition, doesn’t taste chalky, and blends up easily into smoothies.

Acupressure mat is a small purchase that has had the biggest impact on my nervous system.

It doesn’t look like much but laying on one can really help calm the body down and also help with sore muscles.

If you have anxiety, a condition like POTS, or want a way to help recover easily from workouts, this is your tool.

23 and Me DNA kit. This kit helped me learn more about my ancestry but the health panels data has been incredible. I’ve been able to understand my body better and what works for it and what doesn’t.

Even if you already know your heritage, you’ll learn so much more about your personal health makeup.



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