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Go From Mood Board To Reality

Living Radiantly Podcast, Season 2 Episode 17 From Mood Board To Reality
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Episode Summary

I want to chat with you about that mood board you’ve been staring at for several years now.

You know the one, that shows off maybe your dream location of where you want to live, things you’d like to do, maybe how you’d like your house to look.

We all have these thoughts in mind when we think about our life and how we would “love” for it to be.

Maybe you don’t have a physical mood board but you have a pinterest board or a folder on your phone with all these things.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing! In this episode I share ways that you can start living that mood board life now instead of waiting for some magical moment.

Key Points and Takeaways

Two DIYers that I mentioned:

It’s time to start making that mood board a reality. It’s time to actually start living your radiant life instead of just staring at it.
First things first, start looking at your lifestyle and your environment.
What are some small adjustments you can make so that these start falling in line with how you actually want to live.
Grab your journal and write it down!
What are some favorite places of yours that you love and make you feel amazing. Everything from locations to restaurants to hair stylists.
Write it all down and start thinking of ways you can bring this home. Literally. How can you start incorporating this into your home.
Start brainstorming what that would look like for you and take some small steps to get there. Maybe that’s searching out groups or the nearest walking trail.
You’ve got this and you can be so creative on how you do this!

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Andrea is a holistic nutritionist living in Colorado with her husband and their pittie. She helps fellow midlife women nourish themselves and create their Radiant Life.

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